Our Publications

We constantly produce new documents that define our approach to humanitarian assistance, explain the challenges we face, and dispaly the results we achieve in making Mongolian a better place for poor and vulnerable populations. On this page, we share the highlights of our publications so that anyone can have access to this valuable information.

Annual Reports

Each year, we provide a report on the state of affairs when it comes to our organisation. Even though new reports are featured prominently in our blog as they are published, here you can download every single report ever made by Caritas Mongolia.

Strategic Plans

Every three years, we conceive a document outlining the purposes and objectives for CM’s operations. They serve as our guiding norms, and here you can check precisely how we structure our work when focusing on building good initiatives for Mongolia.

Other documents in English

  • CM Introduction: an basic overview of CM’s history, vision, and programs.
  • CESCO Leaflet: a leaflet regarding the “Capacity Building of Extension Services and Cooperatives” initiative pursued by CM, in cooperation with the European Union, alongside the rural areas of Gobi – Altai Province.
  • Heartfelt Whispering Appeal: a leaflet containing an humanitarian appeal for donations, detailing CM’s role in responding to a devastating snow disaster in Mongolia in April 2015.

Other documents in Mongol

  • CESCO Project Introduction: a document detailing the cooperation between the European Union and Caritas Mongolia for the support of local cooperatives of farmers, including training, development of skills, and the advancement of technical tools in agriculture.
  • GH Construction Manual: as part of our CESCO project, we introduced an innovative farming approach in Mongolia, by using passive solar greenhouses (PSGH) that are better suited to the Mongolian weather. In this document, we present a detailed manual for the building of the PSGHs.
  • TGH Construction Manual: through this manual we promote, as well, the theoretical and practical knowledge required for the building of trench greenhouses (TGH), aimed towards the cultivation of vegetables.
  • Hunsnii nogoonii ashig tus: this document, also part of our initiatives in the field of food security and agriculture, provides information with regards to the advantages and nutrition benefits of the consumption of different kinds of vegetables.
  • STC Brochure: this publication introduces the concept of our Skills Training Center (STC) so that it becomes more widely known among the general public, including potential beneficiaries of the services we provide at the facility.
  • Water and Soil Management: here we present one of the many focuses of our environmentally friendly ethos, by advising Mongolians about the proper management of water and soil, both of which are scarce and important resources within the country.